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Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Every day around the world, thousands of people suffer from food poisoning. Many of these will be very ill and some of them will die. Those most at risk include the very young, the elderly, persons who are already ill and pregnant women and this can be avoided with a good practice of cleaning and paying special attention to certain types of foods.

Health and safety in food involves all those measures necessary to protect people health by protecting food from hazards i.e. anything that could cause harm. Food handlers must be aware of the hazards associated with the cooking and how these hazards can be controlled.

+ There are 4 types of hazards, they may be: microbiological, physical, chemical or allergenic.

You cannot see them without a microscope. Most bacteria are harmless but some cause food poisoning and food spoilage.

Health and safety and - Food poisoning bacteria are found everywhere but especially on and in raw food, people, insects, rodents, pets, refuse and waste food. These are known as sources of food poisoning bacteria.

+ What conditions do bacteria need to multiply?

+ How to Control microbiological hazardsHealth and Safety ?

+ How to break the food poisoning chain to prevent food poisoning?

+ Tips for