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Easy Soup Recipes

Easy Soup Recipes - So Easy RecipesSoup is a liquid or pasty food and essential element of food. The soup ingredients are as varied as the diverse cuisines, and can include vegetables (potatoes, onions, cabbage, carrots, etc..) Meat or fish and shellfish. You find here delicious and easy soup recipes.

Nutritionists advise, in general, the daily intake of soup for a system balanced diet. Most soups are low cost, simple cooking, and easy to digest - containing vitamins and carbohydrates.

History: Researchers as "Rosario Buonassisi", consider a soup like oldest dish in the world, even before the roast meat, because there is evidence that meal even before the discovery of fire. Foods, vegetables and chunks of raw meat were ground in water, the archaeological record of preparing soups are among the Anasazi of the Four Corners region (USA) in wicker baskets sealed with bitumen, in Anatolia (Turkey) in clay pots, in Scotland in the stomach of herbivorous (something similar to "Haggis"; today).

Types of soups: Most soups are made with cooked ingredients, but there are also cold soups such as gazpachos (Andalusia, Spain), a Tuscan panzanella, Italy and vichyssoise.

There are many culinary events around the world, and they all show what the best in each region. In April, in Torres Vedras, Portugal, is an annual Festival of Soups and Snacks that provides thousands of visitors with the soups from old recipes. Adega Cooperativa de Labrugeira, responsible for the event, is keen to respect the tradition, and follows the traditional soup with a meal and a snack, showing the daily diet of the former farm workers. The concept of the stone soup is manifested in various cultures of the West (ie Brazil, Portugal, France, United States, Spain, etc..). (source wikipedia) So enjoy our easy soup recipes.