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Easy Salad Recipes

Easy Salad Recipes - So Easy RecipesThe preparation of easy salad recipes are composed of several different foods. Often with contrasting colours and usually eaten cold. The word salad comes from the Latin for salt, referring to the seasoning - salt - which may be the single extra element of this combination, although it's usually more elaborate.

Types of salads: There are two basic types of salads: salads based on raw vegetables, usually green leaves, eg lettuce, watercress, chicory, or others, and tomatoes, radishes, cucumber, and may take even nuts or other dried fruit and seasoned with an uncooked sauce based on olive oil (or other oil) and vinegar or lemon juice;

Salads based on baked potatoes (sometimes rice or pasta) mixed with other raw vegetables, sometimes with small pieces of meat (especially ham), fish and seasoned with a sauce of mayonnaise, this group belongs to the traditional salad tuna.

Salad is an indispensable dish in diets based on vegetarianism.

The salad and culture - During the different cultures salads are consumed in different ways, for example: The restaurants in France and the United States of America (but not at home, or when consuming fast food), the salad is served before the main course, as a sort of appetizer; In Portugal, the green salad (and variants) is served up as a main dish, while the first course is often soup; In Mozambique, many poor people in cities just eat a salad as a main meal of the day.

Salad and main meal is also becoming common in industrialized countries, but in order to vary the diet, with even restaurants that cater exclusively salads.