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Easy Low Fat Recipes

Easy Low Fat Recipes

Easy Low Fat Recipes - So Easy RecipesHello again, here you will find a lot of easy low fat recipes, because we have to address both our food and health.

Normally people often think that low fat recipes means you have to go without. the key to low fat cooking is using fresh, good quality ingredients, prepared using simple, quick cooking techniques. Buy your meat from a good quality butcher, always buy seafood from a reputable fishmonger and when buying vegetables and fruit try and buy seasonally from markets and greengrocers, where freshness and quality are ensured.

However are some important information about Fat. For example, there are vitamins that are only solubilized by fats, known as fat-soluble vitamins, such as the vitamins A, D, E and K.

This means they are only digested, absorbed and transported together with the fat. In addition, the fat is the main source of fatty acids, important in the diet.

It's healthier unsaturated fat consumption because it is easier to break the chain unsaturated for saturated chains.

Fats have many functions such as source and reserve of energy (any one gram of fat yields 9 kcal of energy), besides being an important heat insulator (a fatty tissue of mammals) for animals to protect themselves against the cold. They are important for the synthesis of other substances, or to improve the functioning of these, such as fat-soluble vitamins, lipoproteins, and certain sex hormones that depend on the existence of fat to an ideal function.