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Easy Italian Recipes

Easy Italian Recipes

Easy Italian Recipes - So Easy RecipesWe love Italian food, every single one it is just "meraviglioso", thats why we brought to you this Easy Italian Recipes. A large variety of the most known Italian recipes, as lasagne, ravioli, cannelloni, spaghetti and many more, just for your delight and pleasure.

Italian cuisine and national cuisine, famous as a symbol of the country today, has evolved over the centuries, throughout the most varied social and political change, its roots can be traced back to the fourth century BC. Most of the Italian recipes are very rich in flavours and colours and you'll find very easy recipes here to do.

Significant changes occurred with the discovery of the New World which helped shape much of what is known as Italian cuisine today with the introduction of ingredients such as potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and corn, all part of the kitchen in that country, and yet have only been introduced on a large scale from the eighteenth century.

With a variety of easy recipes, "pasta" it comes in over 650 different shapes and sizes, and can be flavoured by herbs, spinach or tomato. Both ingredients and dishes vary from region to region of the country. There are several important regional dishes that also took the national character, while a number of dishes that have been regional proliferated in different variations throughout the country. Cheese and wine are an important part of the country kitchen, playing different roles both regionally and nationally, with its countless variety of laws and regulations "Denominazione di origine controllata - DOC".

Also coffee, specifically espresso, has taken a prominent role in the gastronomic culture of Italy.(source: wikipedia)

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