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Easy Fish Recipes

Easy Fish Recipes - So Easy RecipesWith our Easy Fish Recipes you'll discover that besides tasty, the consumption of this white meat is very nutritious and should always be in our food.

Fish is high in protein, like any other meat. So, who wants to drop the red meat, will be well nourished by eating fish. Moreover, it has lots of minerals, including calcium, phosphorus, iodine and cobalt, and is also a source of vitamins A, D and B.

And the best news ! Is low fat! Of course there are some species greasy, but overall, the fish has much less fat than red meat and chicken, and it makes your digestion is faster. And more is great for anyone who wants to lose weight and control the level of cholesterol in the blood, find your easy recipe!

Some species, especially those of cold water, are rich in omega-3, which is a type of fat very beneficial to our health. The omega-3 reduces the risk of heart disease, atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries) and help the inflammation in brain development and regeneration of nerve cells. And by acting on nerve cells, the omega-3 found in fish, can still help in the treatment of depression, anxiety and sleep problems.

This type of fat helps also to treat high blood pressure, blood clotting, the relief of pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis, in protecting the skin from ultraviolet light and inflammation.

Therefore, fish is an excellent food for school development of children and adolescents and can not miss the feeding of the elderly since it decreases the risk of developing Alzheimer's, dementia and mental fatigue. Can be introduced into children's nutrition (along with beef and chicken) so this start receiving complementary foods (around 6 months old), unless there is family history of allergy. In this case, its introduction can wait a little longer and when done, should be offered a type at a time and the child is under observation. A great alternative is the cation, due to not having thorns. The introduction of fish in the diet of children is important to ensure the supply of iron good and protect you from the risk of anaemia. Choose your easy fish recipe, buy the best one and has a habit to feed more tasty and healthy.