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Easy Dessert Recipes

Easy Dessert Recipes - So Easy RecipesWith our easy dessert recipes you will delight your friends and family. Many people expect the dessert as almost like the main course, for its variety, flavours, colours and textures. There are so many recipes, each one different and all with the same goal, to end a great meal

Dessert, or, more rarely known, pospasto - as is usually called the complement of meals. A dessert may be a simple no fruit, but can also be a treat.

It is usually prepared with sugar, thus presenting taste sweet. It is usually served after the meal. Many dishes made in several ways are considered dessert, varying according to the cuisine, the habits and customs of each region.

Popular and Desserts: Biscuits, cakes, chocolates, cookies, sweet milk, flan, fruit in general, gelatin, jelly, Petit gateau, pudding, ice cream, soufflé, pie, mousses and many, many more.

Curiosities: In Spain and Mexico, called "dessert" means the conversation that people usually continue after the end of the meal - regardless of whether the meal was composed only of salt dishes or be composed of salt dishes and supplemented with delicacies. Therefore, in the case of Hispanic-American countries, the word "dessert"; popularly refers not to a treat. In this case, a disambiguation would be the word "postre" - which in Spanish specifically refers to the delicacy that is served after the main meal.