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Easy Chicken Recipes

Easy Chicken Recipes - So Easy RecipesWith our easy chicken recipes you'll find a huge variety of ways to cook this delicious, healthy and cheap product for your family and friends. With a extensive range of chicken recipes as roast, grilled, fry, soups and many more.
Chicken and the rooster, are respectively the female and male of the species "Gallus gallus domesticus" birds galliforms and fasianídeas. Young s are called chickens, and baby chickens are chicks.

These birds have a small beak, fleshy crest and wings short and broad. The chicken has a huge importance to humans and domestic animals most widespread and abundant on the planet and one of the sources of protein cheaper.

In addition to their meat, chicken provide eggs and you'll find that Feathers also has industrial uses.

According to 2003 data, nearly 24 billion chickens in the world. In some countries of modern Africa, 90% of households keep chickens.

Chickens are omnivorous birds, with preference for seeds and a special taste for small invertebrates.

Chickens are an important food source for centuries. The first references to domesticated chickens come in Corinthian pottery dating from the seventh century BC The introduction of this bird as a pet probably emerged in Asia, where it is native Jungle fowl the rooster (Gallus gallus). Although the Romans had developed the first different breed of chicken.

The old records show the presence of Asian wild birds in China since 1400 BC in ancient Greece, chickens have spread throughout Europe and the Polynesian navigators led these animals on their journeys of colonization by the Pacific Ocean, including Easter Island. The proximity to the ancient man allowed the crossing for the creation of various breeds, adapted to different needs (source wikipedia).