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Easy Beef Recipes

Easy Beef Recipes - So Easy RecipesA huge selection of easy beef recipes to impress your taste and your guests.

We offer a delicious and huge range of dishes that are easy and quick to prepare. Steak or beef is a designation commonly used for a piece of fried or grilled meat, usually cut as a slice. The thickness and length can vary depending on the type of meat and income that is used for cooking.

In Portugal, there are numerous beef recipes, such as Steak Portuguese, the Steak Marrare, the Steak, to name a few. Are usually recipes that use beef. We often find in restaurants names referring to the specific type of piece of beef such as sirloin steak, the sirloin steak and the rump steak.

Restaurants designated as breweries are usually experts in steaks, in addition to beer.

In Belgium, it is common to see the restaurant menus a selection of grilled steaks, which are broken down into types of meat (usually beef or horse) and the types of sauces that complement them. They are usually accompanied by chips.

In the U.S., there are chain restaurants specializing in the production of steaks, usually large. They are, in large part, steaks grilled beef, complemented by typical American dishes such as baked potatoes with sour cream. The chips are also a common accompaniment.

You will find easy beef recipes from juicy steaks, chicken, also Italian beef, lamb, pork and many more.

Heat setting: The preparation of the steaks can be made with different degrees of cooking, through the medium rare and well past, whether fried, grilled or otherwise prepared.

1 - very rare, raw, rar
2 - rare
3 - medium rare, medium
4 - medium well, well done.